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Five Best Apps Similar to LockDown Browser

Five Best Apps Similar to LockDown Browser

Introduction: In today's digital age, ensuring the integrity of online exams has become a top priority for educators and institutions. LockDown Browser is a well-known app that restricts students' web access during exams to prevent cheating. However, there are other reliable alternatives that offer similar features with their unique touches. In this article, we will discuss the five best apps similar to LockDown Browser, providing secure environments for online testing.

Respondus Monitor

Respondus Monitor is a powerful browser lockdown solution that combines AI and live proctoring services to ensure the integrity of online assessments. It works in conjunction with LockDown Browser or any LMS (Learning Management System) by using advanced analytics and facial recognition technology to detect suspicious activities during exams.

This app records student activity and generates reports for instructors to review after tests, allowing them to identify possible instances of cheating quickly. Additionally, Respondus Monitor offers customizable exam settings, enabling educators to tailor the assessment experience according to their needs.


Proctorio is an automated remote proctoring solution that eliminates the need for human intervention during online assessments while maintaining a high level of security. It integrates seamlessly with various LMS platforms and uses machine learning algorithms to monitor students' behavior during exams.

With features like automated ID verification, browser lockdown, video recording, and real-time monitoring capabilities, Proctorio ensures a secure testing environment for remote learners. The platform also provides customizable settings for instructors who can choose which features they wish to enable based on their exam requirements.

Safe Exam Browser (SEB)

Safe Exam Browser is an open-source application designed specifically for secure e-assessments. SEB creates a controlled environment by disabling access to unauthorized resources such as web browsers, shortcuts, or applications during tests.

In addition to its lockdown capabilities, Safe Exam Browser provides various security features like password protection, encrypted configuration files, and integration with LMS platforms. It also supports custom assessment applications, making it a versatile choice for institutions seeking an alternative to LockDown Browser.


Examity is a comprehensive remote proctoring solution that offers a range of services, including automated and live proctoring, to ensure the integrity of online exams. Its flexible approach allows educators to select the level of proctoring that best suits their needs, whether it's automated monitoring or human intervention.

The platform integrates seamlessly with most LMS systems and uses advanced technology like biometric authentication, browser lockdown, and video recording to deter cheating attempts during assessments. Examity's user-friendly interface and customizable settings make it an excellent option for institutions looking for a secure online testing solution.


Proctortrack is an AI-driven remote proctoring solution that focuses on providing a secure and hassle-free online testing experience for students and educators. It offers various proctoring services such as automated identity verification, continuous monitoring during exams, browser lockdown, and real-time video recording.

The platform easily integrates with popular LMS systems like Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, and D2L, allowing seamless deployment for educational institutions. With its robust security features and user-friendly interface, Proctortrack is an ideal alternative to LockDown Browser for ensuring the integrity of online assessments.


While LockDown Browser has been a popular choice for securing online exams over the years, these five alternatives offer unique features that cater to different needs while ensuring exam integrity in today's digital world. By selecting the right app based on your requirements, you can create a secure environment for your students' online assessments without compromising on flexibility or ease of use.

22 May 2023